Inclusión social


In this program we look after adolescents and young people who are victims of the armed conflict and who come from various regions of the country. In Bogotá, they live in a substitute foster home that provides them with a caring and protective environment where they can regain their rights.

For the care and accompaniment processes, the adolescents and the substitute foster homes have an interdisciplinary technical team in the Fundación, in areas such as psychology, social work and nutrition.

What we’re looking for is that the young people can rebuild their formal and informal links with society, giving them a new meaning to their experiences so that they can continue with life in a stronger position.

Currently we have the capacity to look after 50 adolescents and young people.



Requirements to become a substitute foster home:

1. Age: must be between 35 and 57 years old
2. Health: must have good physical and mental health
3. Education: must have passed basic secondary (9th grade) with certificate or qualifications
4. Experience: must have experience in looking after or working with boys, girls and adolescents
5. Carer: the person responsible for the home must be completely available all the time in order to provide care and attention to the boys, girls and adolescents that need parents figures in their lives
6. The person responsible for the home must able to allocate time, make clear co-habitation rules and be a guide and leader for a new young person their home
7. Must not have any previous convictions nor be using any psychoactive substances

It´s important to take into account that the home must not be used for any other community or ICBF program (e.g. kindergarten, community home, multiple home, Fami, etc.) just as neither should there be another foster home.

Selection process:

Firstly, in a shortlist, those who are interested complete an application form. Then in the selection process we will evaluate the suitability of the family for the boys, girls and adolescents, in the following way:

-We will evaluate the physical features of the house. We will also do a sociodemographic analysis of the house in order to identify any risk factors (exposure to psychoactive substances, areas at risk of natural disasters, hazardous products like flammable substances etc.)
-We will do an interview with the family to evaluate the vulnerability and generativity factors, as well as their emotional conditions and ability to look after children and adolescents
-We will invite the potential families to fun induction and training workshops

What support does the foster home receive?

The home will have an interdisciplinary technical team that will help with their work.

The home will participate in workshops about working with boys, girls and adolescents in an administrative process for young people from the armed conflict regaining their rights.

Although this work is not remunerated, the foster home will receive an award from the State corresponding to a grant, which is equivalent to a minimum salary for every day that they look after the child or adolescent.

They also receive a maintenance fee exclusively for the care of the boys, girls and adolescents.

If you live in Bogotá and would like more information, please get in touch via any of these numbers [1] 4757649 / 47 | 4660358 / 57 | 31034162, via email [email protected] or send us your details here.