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Una familia para toda la vida

We want to ensure that the children are the focus of a family that loves, cares for and protects them forever.

In order to achieve this, we have three models of care:

Institutional home

We provide affection, care and temporary protection to children whose rights have been violated through various reasons such as neglect, mistreatment, abuse or abandonment.

In this way the children live at Fundación CRAN while their social and legal situation is determined, whether that be reintegrating back into their biological family or finding a new adoptive family.

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Maternal home

The maternal home program provides care and support to women of legal age who are in the process of taking a responsible decision over their maternity. This integral procedure helps the women in the evaluation of their personal, family and communal situation – whether that be assuming the responsibility of raising the child or giving the legal consent to put the child up for an adoption that guarantees the wellbeing of the unborn / just born child as well as the mother’s.

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Through this program, CRAN looks for the most ideal families, Colombian or foreign, for children who are ready to be adopted.

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