Hogar institucional

We temporarily care for and protect children whose rights have been violated. Under this program, the children live at Fundación CRAN until they are reintegrated back into their original family or are found a new adoptive one.

A team of carers and professionals in areas such as psychology, social work, nutrition, teaching and nursing accompany the children and the families in the process.

While the children live with us they enjoy all of their rights in a healthy and nourishing environment, so that they regain their right to be the focus of a loving and caring family as soon as possible.

We have the capacity to look after 62 children from the day they’re born until 8 years old – the maximum age they can enter. Every year we look after more than 180 children.



Here you can take a tour around our home along with a very special guide: one of our children

look after and protect our children