Who we are

At Fundación CRAN our work ensures that all children are able to grow up in families and communities that love and care for them forever. In order to do this, we take them in when their rights have been violated and temporarily protect them until they regain these rights that they have been denied, especially the right to have a family. Furthermore, we have prevention programs so that adults, families and communities construct safe and loving environments for children.


Our mission is to ensure that our boys, girls and adolescents grow up in a familiar, loving and caring environment that allows them to exercise their rights.


Our vision is to be a social development organization recognized for its impact in transforming adults into those responsible for ensuring the rights of children and adolescents.



We adopt self-regulation principles in order to generate confidence about who we are and what we do


We recognize one another as valuable, worthy and unique human beings.

  1. We promote and defend the rights of boys, girls and adolescents.
  2. We work so that adults become responsible for the rights of these boys, girls and adolescents.
  3. We are open to learning, change and innovation.
  4. Our social responsibility towards childhood and adolescence is looking to create legality, legitimacy and justice.
  5. We commit ourselves to generating results with the efficient and rational use of resources.

Your support makes our work a reality