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I'm Mariana

May 27, 2020

Mariana arrived at CRAN when she was only three days old and the outlook was not very encouraging. Her background was complex, her biological parents are street dwellers and during her gestation period they were under the consumption of psychoactive substances, which did not allow her full development.

Due to this situation, the baby was born with few prenatal controls, which added additional risks to her health. Her low defenses, her insufficient weight, among other difficulties associated with pulmonary issues, caused a respiratory deficiency that has been the biggest challenge for CRAN's health care during this time of pandemic.

Mariana is a true proof of the desire that our little ones have to live and fortunately today she is healthy and growing with all the care and love as all children and teens under the temporary protection of CRAN.

I'm Pablo

January 10, 2017

Pablo arrived at the protection system because his biological mother is a minor who, upon becoming pregnant, was institutionalized due to a high consumption of psychoactive substances. During his early years, Pablo experienced abandonment, lack of basic care and the treatment his mother gave him under the consumption of psychoactive substances caused several difficulties in his development. Due to the difficult conditions in which Pablo grew up, he was separated from his mother and arrived at CRAN to be cared for under the temporary protection of the foundation. Thanks to the work of CRAN's caregivers and professionals, Pablo is overcoming his emotional difficulties, he is getting stronger and little by little he is adapting to this loving and caring environment.

I'm Sara

June 27, 2019

Sara was adopted 17 years ago by foreign parents and had the opportunity to come to Bogota after all those years to recognize the place where she first met her family. Sara currently lives in the United States and is an art lover. She is preparing to do an undergraduate degree in fine arts and visited CRAN for a couple of weeks where she shared her passion with the children of the foundation. With the desire to give back to the foundation a little of what she received, she did some volunteer work with the children, where she showed them that just like her, everyone can someday fulfill their own dreams.

Claudia and Diego's Story

March 29, 2018

Claudia and Diego tell us that the greatest happiness they have felt in their lives was when they received their little girls at CRAN and managed to consolidate what for them was the family of their dreams. "It is very crazy to think about biological children and adopted children, the children are all biological, those of us who are adopted are the parents." This is said by Diego the father of Camila and Laura after affirming that they are the greatest gift of his life.

Claudia thanks and assures that the support and guidance they received from the CRAN team was indispensable to be able to be the parents they are today and recommends all parents, not only adoptive parents but also biological parents to prepare themselves to be parents, since being a parent should not be something "fallen from the sky" but a couple and personal work in which people should prepare themselves to receive in the most appropriate way the blessing of having a child.


September 29, 2020

Felipe is a boy of Venezuelan nationality, evicted along with his family from their place of residence for not being able to pay. Felipe enters the protection system in CRAN because in May, while living in a shelter, his older sister Lucia, 11 years old, was subjected to a series of sexual abuses. For this reason, both minors were taken under temporary protection to CRAN. At this moment Felipe and his sister Lucía enjoy a space that offers them affection, education and wellbeing in all aspects of their growth. At CRAN we watch over more children like Felipe, so that they can bet on a future in a family, where their rights are protected, growing up in a loving and caring environment.

Nathan's story

July 17, 2019

Nathan was adopted from CRAN when he was only 4 months old. After several years of many questions about his biological heritage, he decided to travel to Bogotá. "It's hard to explain, but at that moment I realized that I didn't go back to Colombia to find my biological relatives. I went to meet the people who took care of me when I was like the children I saw there. I went back to show these children that they can become amazing people, that they can do wonderful things, and that there are no limits to what they can accomplish. If it happened to me, it can happen to them."

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