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What's CRAN?

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At CRAN Foundation we work so that all children grow up in families and communities that love and care for them forever. To achieve this goal, we take them in when their rights have been violated and protect them temporarily until they regain those rights they have been denied, especially the right to have a family. In addition, we develop prevention programs for adults, families and communities to build safe and loving environments for children.

In this way we seek to guarantee:

Access to an education

Finding a home

A significant improvement in their life quality


We help children and teenagers to grow up in a loving and caring family with social environments that allows them to exercise their rights.

Being a social development organization recognized for its impact on the transformation of adults as guarantors of the effective exercise of the rights of children and teenagers .

Transparency We assume principles of self-regulation to generate trust in who we are and what we do. Respect We recognize the other as a valuable, worthy and different human being.

1. We promote and defend the rights of children and teenagers . 2. We work so that the adult is an effective guarantor of the rights of children and teenagers. 3. We are willing to learn, to change and to innovate. 4. Our social responsibility towards children and teenagers seeks to generate legality, legitimacy and justice. 5. We are committed to generate pertinent results with an efficient and rational use of resources.

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